Hi there, I'm Emily

About Me

I’m happy you’re here! I doubt you came to read a bunch of paragraphs about me and you could probably care less about my education so I will keep it short and sweet with some fun facts about me…

  • I was born in 86′- gas was .93 cents a gallon
  • My toddler calls me MomMom and my oldest called me Mamaratzi
  • My husband posed as a boudoir model for me once so I could practice (I have the pics to prove it!)
  • My pups look behind the TV when they see a dog on the screen
  • I have a count down on my phone to the Eden Corn Festival because the corn is that good
  • I love the Tragically Hip
  • I love music festivals and traveling
  • I was a Roller Derby girl until I became pregnant with my youngest
  • I bought my first horse when I was 18 with a credit card
  • My first dog, Timmy really did go to live on a farm – True story, I visited him!
  • My favorite movie is The Jerk
  • My favorite movie scene is The Sandlot, slow motion 4th of July fireworks scene
  • Sour beer is my favorite
  • I can kick a football 30 yards (number based on my husbands estimate)
  • I eat my cake in a bowl full of milk
  • When I was 4, I ran into a parked car and had to get stitches in my right eye brow
  • …2 weeks later, I hit my head on my bed frame and had to get stitches in my left eye brow
  • Pizza!
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