Buffalo NY Birth & Family Photographer



Growing up, I can remember my Mom always taking pictures. We have albums and albums full of childhood memories. I was in my early teens when I picked up her Canon camera for the first time and I snapped a photo of my Grandma when she wasn’t paying attention. Photos of Gram were off limits because she hated having her picture taken. These were the film days so I had to wait until they were developed before I could see how my picture turned out.

A few weeks later, Mom came home with the photos and I rifled through until I found the one I shot. To my surprise, it turned out better than I had imagined. I couldn’t wait to show Grandma to  see if she liked it too. She loved it! Well, maybe she was just saying that so she didn’t hurt my feelings. Either way, I was so proud of the picture and so happy to see that she liked it that I couldn’t wait to take more pictures from that moment on. It stuck with me.

My favorite thing about being a photographer is delivery of the products and the feeling of giving someone something they’ll cherish forever.

” I adore how you are able to capture candid moments with such intuition and talent. Amazing. “

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